The Prodigal Thug, part 1

Two nights ago, I had the phenomeinal experience of seeing a broken and desolate man surrender every ounce of his life to the Creator. You wil be encouraged to hear his story.
Darnell Wilson, a good friend from high school, has seen the worst of the world ever since he watched all his friends graduate high school without him. The summer after he sorrowfully watched us walk the stage, he was arrested and thrown in the county jail for six months. No one knew. He had told us all that after high school his plans were to join the military and travel north. So we, of course, assumed that he was being all that he could be. A orange jumpsuit replaced his envisioned fatigues. The second he was released, Darnell’s parents fulfilled his northern bound claim by shipping him to Michigan to live with a pastor-friend. They felt that culture shock and a lost idendity would get his life back on track in the cold wolverine state. His life did quickly brighten when he met the daughter of the pastor he was staying with. She was bright and confindent…exactly what Darnell needed…the first beam of sunlight after a massive rain. Unfortunately for him, a monsoon was approaching. Within months she was pregnant and they were forced to marry, scarring the hospitable family. Their relationship was never solid because their foundation was everything, but Christ. So…He left. His journey east ended in Albany, New York. He had no home, no money, no friends, no God. Darnell quickly became wealthy by the only means a person with no high school education could…trafficing drugs. The huge amounts of money that he did make were quickly lost because of an extravagent lifestyle…which comes at no surprise. Gang-life followed for Darnell, and he took part in everything that was involved. With his parents at home praying, his wife and son in Michigan struggling, Darnell was living for no one but himself. Avoiding police and watching his back, He spent two years of his life running the streets of New York. Life seemed golden to this once church going, goofy high school cut-up. But, like the consistent theme in his life…things went bad. Eventually, his life was threatened. With his existence in jeopardy, he knew that he needed to get out before it was too late. He refused to return to his new family in Michigan because his wife was now with his best friend and he could never face his father’s friend again. His sole choice was evident. The all too familiar son to (earthly) father plea for deliverance was made. “Dad…I need to come home…I’m in trouble.” So the plane ticket was bought, but not before Reggie was robbed, loosing everything he had accumulated for the past two years in the streets.

Thursday morning, I awake with a new voicemail. It says, “Smitty…It’s Darnell Wilson…I’m back in town. Call me.”


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