Farewell Reggie

Last night, Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers walked off the court for the last time. The Pistons sent the Pacers home after six games in the Eastern Conference quarter finals. I’ll be quite honest…I’m not a huge Reggie fan. But I must admit that it was rather emotional as Rick Carlisle called a time out so the crowd could properly acknowledge the NBA great’s last performance as he took a seat on the bench with only seconds remaining. If that didn’t make the NBA faithful a little misty…then Larry Brown calling his own time out right after so the praise would continue was bound to soften the heart of the grizzliest. Yes, Reggie Miller’s departure is truly sad for all who have even a little respect for sports, but what I have found to be the most depressing is something far greater that many probably haven’t realized. Reggie ended an era. He was the only remaining player of the Jordan-Bird-Magic-Malone-Isaiah-Wilkins-Barkley-Robinson-Stockton-Olajuwon-Ewing-Miller Era. With Reggie hanging it up after 18 very productive seasons with the same team, he wrote the conclusion to the NBA’s greatest chapter. This era defined sports…it epitomized the game of basketball. Basketball is what it is today because these committed, classy, and overwhelmingly talented men fought every day to be the best. I was blessed to have had these players set the example for me as a young athlete growing up…now days…well, I wish the young ones were that lucky. Watching Jordan fly, Bird shoot, and Magic pass was an experience that not all will have…I will cherish it. Do the game a favor: Don’t let the legends fade away…use them as the standard.
Farewell Reggie, thanks for being a part of the most phenomenal generation of basketball players the earth has ever seen. We will miss you all…I think I can hear Naismith rolling over in his grave. I’m out.


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  1. True. this is a blog for the century. i got a lump in my throat watching it live. it great to see how much the 2 teams have come from there brawl early in the season, which i also saw live. not hopping on a band wagon but i respect the pistons and the effect thier TEAM attitude has on the game.

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