For the Birds, part dos

  • Not having recess in high school…is for the birds
  • Hillary 2008…is for the birds
  • Waiting outside of the theatre for more than twenty minutes to see…no wait…paying any amount of money to see Star Wars…is for the birds.
  • Your pursuit of orthodoxy constantly trumpping your pursuit of orthopraxy…is for the birds.

9 Responses

  1. i agree with all save the “star wars” one…what of aimlesly buying all of a washed up hip-hop artist( if you want to call him that) and actors’ (it would be a stretch to call him that too) movies…i would call that for the birds

  2. hey justin, calling fouls when someone breaths on you is for the birds.

    –my liege

  3. hey lambo…when you are going up for a lay-up and someone tries to block you but instead they end up on the ground then you walk down the court staring them down like you did something special, now thats for the birds!

  4. hey john……Ken Griffey Jr. is for the birds……

  5. wes, you have crossed the line… when you talk about griffey you really hurt my feelings! griffey is still in his prime, batting .253 with 6 homers and 27 rbi’s and he is not hurt! give him some credit, he ain’t for the birds…

  6. now a player that is for the birds…danny graves (GOOD RIDDANCE DANNY!) by the way, it doesnt hurt my feelings that you talk about griffey, everyone knows he is amazing…

  7. john is a homosexual

  8. all of you all are mean and rude individuals…it is so shcoking to know all you all claim to be christians

  9. hey lambo, way to blow the softball game the other day!

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