For the Birds, part tres

  • American Idol haters…are for the birds.
  • Having halitosis and not knowing what halitosis is…is for the birds.
  • Thong sandels on guys…are for the birds.
  • Struggling to be Christ-like around a bunch of christians while playing ball…is for the birds.
  • Reading Scripture to make it fit your framework and what you have always been taught…is for the birds.

5 Responses

  1. i agree that thong sandals on guys are for the birds (Troy Woodyard).

  2. troy doesn’t just have thong sandals, he has camouflage thong sandals…i guess you never know when they will come in handy

  3. actually troy does have thong sandals…not that it matters. I guess as his male lover, you would know though.

  4. jason tell my beautiful girlfriend kristen to call me later… we are supposed to go out tonight to a movie and get some dinner. by the way, way to choke during the softball game the other day.

  5. although I have never seen for myself, rumr has it that Troy Woodyard has a matching thong to go with his thong sandals. now that he lives alone all sorts of strange thongs are happening.

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