Sorry Orwell fans, no animal farm here…although 1984 is a great read.

1984: Probably the best year in the history of this world…well, except that year that Christ was born (3-4 B.C.), and the year sex was invented (I think it was the late 12th century). Anyway, ’84 was one for the ages because of three distinct reasons.

Reason #1. Smitty was born into this great nation.

Reason #2. Michael Jordan entered the league forever changing the game.

Reason #3. The Thriller album was released forever changing music.

If you were lucky enough to be born during this prolific year, then you may be added as reason #4. All else must settle for being second rate.

ma ma se ma ma sa ma-ma cu sa


One Response

  1. President Ronald Reagan calls for an international ban on chemical weapons….that worked! 🙂


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