If Paintings Could Talk…

This is amazing:

God is the one being in the universe for whom self-exaltation is the most loving act. Anyone else who exalts himself distracts us from what we need, namely, God. But if God exalts himself, he calls attention to the very thing we need most for our joy. If great paintings could talk, and they saw you walking through the gallery staring at the floor, they would cry out, “Look! Look at me. I am the reason you are here.” And when you look and exult in the beauty of the paintings with those around you, your joy would be full. You would not complain that the paintings should have kept quiet. They rescued you from wasting your visit. In the same way no child complains, “I am being used” when his father delights to make the child happy with his own presence.

-John Piper Don’t Waste Your Life


6 Responses

  1. i like that quote, and have recently discovered that i like John Piper too.

  2. oh and smitty, i saw that you linked me to your site…..I’m flattered but i believe you have my address wrong. Try jalamb04.blogger.com

  3. i like piper. a lot. so much that i’m applying for a job in minneapolis. i just hope he appreciates the “i (heart) piper” i had tatooed on my left pec.

  4. Pec or man-boob?

  5. some of us have such large pecs they look like man-boobs.

  6. i guess it’s kind of sad that the posting of such an elegant quote devolves into a discussion of man-boobs. oh well… such is life.

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