Booda or Nemo…You Choose

Most of the smittycity faithful know that there was an addition to the Smith family during the summer of last year. His name is Soloman…a.k.a. Booda…a.k.a. Nemo. I believe that each member of the family refers to the man with a different nickname. I prefer Booda, not to be mistaken with the fat thinker…Buddha. Booda came about through my dad and I. For as long as my family has been involved with children (fostering, shepharding, A.G.C.) we have always called the tubby ones, “Booda-butt.” Don’t know where it came from…so don’t ask. As you could guess, Solomon was chunky there for a while…he is still a little plump now but he is beginning to thin out…it’s called the Rob effect (you know what I’m talking about if you have ever seen a picture of Rob Holman in middle school). Well, the word stuck because when he was only a couple of months old he was fairly dark skinned with a bald head…you do the math. Now…Nemo comes from a outfit that my mother bought the poor child with that stupid clown fish on the front and the word ‘Nemo’ plastered on the butt of the shorts that went with it (in west Philly the outfit is called a short set). So next time you see the boy running by with his baby-afro blowing in the wind and his pampers hanging on by a thread…he will answer to either name.


2 Responses

  1. Boodemo. A compromise pronounced “booty-moe.”

  2. i used to beat kids up in school who were named nemo.

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