I read Finnegan’s Wake

I have had a problem with reading ever since I picked up my first book (which I believe was Finnegan’s Wake). It’s not that I have trouble reading or comprehending, rather, I read amazing material from a lot of places but with a couple of days I forget what I read and what it mean’t to me. So I realized that I am really wasting my time with these great reads if I don’t take something from them. I thought that underlining things in books would be beneficial, but then all I have is marked up books with no memory of where the insightful pieces are to be found in them. So I have devised a plan that will probably flop (being negative seems to be the way to go these days). I have created a second blog that is a kind of side sick to smittycity. I will exclusively post amazing excerpts from the current books I’m reading (i guess i will post the amazingly bad stuff as well)…anything that I feel is mind candy will be posted. Feel free to comment, criticize, or support. Keep hope alive.


2 Responses

  1. Can I post you? You are my mind candy!

  2. to all,

    yeah…so i was right…it flopped…but, you said you’d bake us a cake!


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