Breaking Fast

I woke up this morning before I was to be at the tatoo parlor (different story…different blog), and began to cook a couple of eggs and a protein shake. My days are always swell when I start them with breakfast. As I was eating, I begin to think about the word “breakfast.” So like I always do when I am thinking about the absurdity of a word, I wrote it down…this time it was on the napkin in front of me. I realized that “breakfast” is not one word, rather it is two words that have been smushed together…probably against thier will. After doing this I then realized that the orgin of the word was obvious and quite interesting. After my eight and a half hour slumber the night before, the eggs and shake were acting as my fast breaker. At that moment I was breaking the fast of the night. Sweet Georgia Brown! I normally don’t realize stuff like this on my own because I am such a meathead, but I had successfully figured the orgin of a word with my own bean. Please complement me…Anyway, I will no longer pronounce the word “breakfast” like the rest of humanity, I will forver use two words, “break fast.” Because that is what I am doing. I’m out.

…and don’t act like you knew that already.


12 Responses

  1. dang you are so smart i would have never figured that out nor would I have thought about it, could you analyze lunch and dinner sometime when you aren’t busy? I would love to hear your insight on these two words…thanks!

  2. ok, you’re right I never would have figured that out myself. But I cant act your like smart or anything because when you asked for COMPLIMENT, you actually spelled it COMPLEMENT. That’s wrong and its incredibly stupid to mispell words. So there’s your COMPLEMENT. Your stupid. Hey can I join your stupid club there goatface. You’re right, you’re a meathead, and that’s why you got that beefy arm coming out the back of your neck. See ya later McStupid.

  3. Oooops. I gotta apologize. I just realized how very smart you are. When you wrote COMPLEMENT you were actually using the French spelling which of course is pronounced Com-play-maynt. You are so incredibly smart because you use foreign languages and decipher the meaning of meningless words. But you’re pretty stupid too because you use a lot of run on sentences and if I was an Englilsh teacher I would definitely NOT get busy with you. You’re the Run-On Retard. And you’re again stupid. You have reclaimed your crown, and there again is your COMPLEMENT.

  4. Jeez, this dc kid has wicked bad karma or something. I think it’s cool that you figured out where breakfast came from. That not something the average person stops to ponder they’re all so caught up in stuffing face and making it to work on time or thier name is dc and they’re to busy being a jerk to think of something original of their own. Who cares if you spelled a word wrong? It’s just a friggin’ word. He was probably to busy getting his asskicked when he was in highschool to know how to have any fun. Anyways you have inspired me to take time out to just think about stuff. I don’t ever cause I always think I’m to busy to.
    Thank Man

  5. OH NO, I said that, instead of that’s (third sentence) please critique my grammer dc. Cause everybody loves it when assholes are themselves. Damn I meant to say thanks man too. Well dc can rip me a new asshole about that too. I find people like that abhorent what ever crawled up your ass must hurt jerk-off.

  6. sorry about my language but that guy was just rude

  7. hey bro, if you knew me at all you know that smitty is my best friend in the world and that my remarks are totally in jest. i hope that yours are too, but i cant really tell. let’s be careful not to judge someone’s character based on words printed on a webpage. If Smitty was not my best friend, I would not have written something so stupid. He was the best man in my wedding, and I was in his too, well, next to his father. His wife and I are in the same band. So clearly you have misunderstood me. But you are the first person to call me an asshole on a blog and for that I give you props. Sorry dude if I hurt your feelings, just having a little fun. Later

  8. all ye readers which knoweth dc, please cometh to his defense, yea, that his name may be cleared and restored to the heighth from which it has fallen.

    basically what I’m trying to say is help me explain to this person who thinks I’m an asshole that I’m really just a big joker and meant no harm by my forceful and abusive words regarding Smitty’s intelligence.

    God, Love, Later

  9. whoa. easy….easy on the profanity. we’re trying to keep this business clean. I appreciate the props, but you totally misjudged dc. In fact he called me and told me read his comment because he knew I would think they are so funny. Most of it is an inside joke, and some of is even a homestar runner joke, so relax. dc is a big ole pimp, and my best friend.

    If this is a joke, its funny, but leave out the profanity next time. But if its not joke, thenn maybe the three of us (me dc and whoever called him a BUTThole) should all go to Denny’s and make fun of each other for a while, and pinch each others butts. dc has a very nice butt and I do squatts. It will be a very enjoyable experience. In fact dc drew boobs on my butt once.

  10. Hey guys. I see we have a little player hatin’ going on, so I feel I should chime in. Well, seeing how me and DC are the biggest players in the town (Smitty also)then I think you must know he is opposite of an a**hole. He is as cool as ICE.
    If you don’t know him then you need not call him what you think he is really not. If we need to settle this the hard way just tell me when and where, and we can play some ball. We all FAMBLY! So keep it clean.

  11. if you go on callin my boy dc an a hole, me you and my 12 guage are gonna have to meet in a parking lot.

  12. I laughed out loud at DC’s comments, although i thought the original post was not worth all this fuss.
    When I teach English I often look at roots of words, such as that one. That’s a good word meaning to teach during Ramazan.

    DC is a great guy, he’s just really bad at returning phone messages in a timely fashion.

    I can’t believe everyone has a blog these days.

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