SC’s Preseason Picks

Saturday marks the start of the four best months of the entire year….the college football season. And before we get rolling, the analyists here at Smittycity want to throw out thier predictions for the 2005 season. Let us start with a comparison between polls.

Preseason USAToday poll:

1. Southern Cal
2. Texas
3. Tennessee
4. Michigan
5. Oklahoma

Preseason ESPN poll:

1. Southern Cal
2. Texas
3. Michigan
4. Virginia Tech
5. Ohio State

Preseason Associated Press (AP) poll:

1. Southern Cal
2. Texas
3. Tennessee
4. Michigan
5. L.S.U.

Preseason SMITTYCITY (SC) poll:

1. Southern Cal
2. Texas
3. Ohio State
4. Michigan
5. Tennessee

Now for SC’s five Heisman preseason hopefuls (in no particular order)

Reggie Bush : Junior, RB – Southern Cal

Matt Leinart : Senior, QB – Southern Cal

Adrian Peterson : Sophomore, RB – Oklahoma

Deangelo Williams : Senior, RB – Memphis

Vince Young : Junior, QB – Texas

The favorite going into the season is most definetly Matt Leinart. Having won the trophy last season, much will be expected out of this senior, but the other five athletes will give Leinart all he wants in this race. Here at Smittycity, we believe that Matt Leinart will join Archie Griffin and become the second player in college football history to claim the Heisman twice.

Finally, we arrive at the destiny of our beloved Tennessee Volunteers. UT is ranked higher than we have ever seen in the preseason polls here at Smittycity (which really means jack). But, regardless, we feel that the Vols have the best shot at reaching the Rose Bowl since the perfect 1998 season. We return Eric Ainge as our semi-veteran QB, and a host of offensive athletes that will make the SEC team’s head spin. The problem for the Vols this season is our schedule. We have one of the toughest in the nation…having to travel to Death Valley (L.S.U.) and the Swamp (Florida), not to mention playing Charlie Weis’ Fighting Irish in South Bend, and trying to stop Heisman hopeful RB, Deangelo Williams when Memphis comes to town.

SmittyCity Prediction: We play Florida and L.S.U. in the second and third week of our schedule (both on the road). If the Vols can get by both teams with a win, THEN we will finish the season with a perfect record and win the SEC championship, placing us in the Rose Bowl to fight the national title. The BCS will not be an issue because of our strength of schedule (which is what screwed Auburn last year).


If Tennessee gets by Florida and L.S.U…..


If not…


Regardless of the competitor, U.S.C. will win the 2005 national championship.

* Stay tuned for SC’s formal rant of the NCAA post-season system


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