Overlooking Chattanooga

Last weekend, I spent some QT with the Creator on top of Signal Mountain overlooking the Tennessee River. I chatted and wrote as He was showing off. By looking, I was listening. Here are a few curve balls He threw my way.

  • I AM (God is) beautiful…creative…ingenious.
  • Water really shimmers in the sunlight like the classic authors always describe in novels.
  • It took me 21 years to begin to open my eyes and realize creation (more on that in a later post).
  • I believe that the constant astonishing awareness of creation ended with the fall (of man).
  • With each passing generation we become less and less interested, and take it more and more for granted (creation).
  • We are a part of it (Genesis 1, if you dont’ believe me).
  • He handled a lot of business in six days (figurative or literal…don’t know-don’t care).
  • God gave me no direction as far as my future…He didn’t revolutioinize my theology…He didn’t point out any swell passages of scripture. That day He simply, but Loudly said, “Stop…Look…Listen, I AM here!”
  • It was refreshing

3 Responses

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  2. hey dude we should go camping and hiking and fun stuff like that, since you have had a renewed sense of nature and the beautiful creation God has given us.

  3. i am definitely down, justin. I would love too. I really want to take a group of people down to Chatt. My uncle has a huge lake on signal mountain where we could fish and stuff. The mountain is perfect for biking and there are some amazing places to hike…signal point…rainbow falls. I want to do it soon.

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