Smitty, m.c.

ALTER your world. Alter is the sunday night service held at Northeast Christian Church that is geared towards college students and young adults. I recently became aquainted with dos gentlemans by the name of Jimmy Carter and Dave “thrill us” Willis. Jimmy – NE Student minister…Dave – NE College minister. You wouldn’t believe these two cats. They are two of the most genuine guys I have ever met. So naturally, I was drawn to them…anybody would be drawn to them. Anyway, they told Campbell and I about this sunday night service that they were trying to blow up. They wanted a little help with it so we told them that we would do whatever we could to help. This is how the cookie ended up crumbling after many lunch meetings and though sessions. Dave, with the girlies along side (Mel and Sar), would lead worship…but…with a different band behind them. The band is as follows…

Lead Guiter – Austin Robinson (“A. Rob”)
Rhythm Guiter – John Askew (“Askew a Question”)
Bass – The Sex (“Alec Shram”)
Drummy Drum Drumms – Clark Cranfill (“The Clark Bar”…”Cranberry”)

The band is amazingly amazing. Straight up funk.
Jimmy and Dave W. do all the teaching for the time being, and yours truly has been giving the role of M.C. I love it. They give me a microphone and I get to go on stage and totally be myself. I love goofing off and interacting with the crowd. I told the first week crowd that since I was the master of ceremonies…they could call me “master” for short. Just playin’. If you ever have a sunday night free this semester, come on out to ALTER @ 7 p.m. The worship and teaching is biblical and relevant, and tons of people hang out in the cafe up stairs after the service (“After Alter”). ENOUGH WITH THE PLUGGING ALREADY. I’m out.


2 Responses

  1. MC Smitty.. I remember the early days of “MC ing” career!!

  2. yeah…and this time I won’t crack any rosa parks jokes.

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