We’re Sorry Mexico

In a effort to advertise football, specifically the NFL, Paul Tagliabue (commissioner) has arranged for two teams to play in Mexico City for the Sunday night ESPN game. Let me be the first to say that this was a brilliant idea. We need to show off America’s favorite sport – and moving a primetime NFL game to an international mega city is the perfect way to do just that. But there is a problem. Despite the fact that Tagliabue originally made a good move, we now owe our amigos in Mexico an apology. Why? Well, on Sunday night all of Mexico will be able to enjoy and get an American taste of football by viewing the Arizona Cardinals take on the San Fransico 49ers. If you don’t follow the sport, let me help you understand exactly what we are giving the people in Mexico. It would probably be the equivolent of donating a bunch of food stained clothes to Goodwill. Arizona and San Fran are literally the two worst teams in the NFL after week 3…why in Vick’s name would we send those two pee-wee teams to an international stage. Seriously, it would be like me buying an engagement ring for Melanie…taking the diamond out…and replacing it with a dirty piece of gravel. How embarassing! All of this is probably a conspiracy by the Mexican government to refuel the country’s passion for soccer. Why couldn’t we have sent them the Pats…or maybe Peyton and his baby horses. Commissioner Tag: Next time you want to bake someone a cake…don’t use curdled milk and rotten eggs. I’m out.


4 Responses

  1. I agree…at least send the temas that are going to put on a show. I mean the Vikings and the Jets have to be the choice here.;)wct

  2. good call

  3. Nah, they got a good show anyway. It had to be teams from the most Mexican-populated states. Dallas has already played down there (pre-season a few years back). I don’t think they’d have come out to see Philadelphia or Cincinatti.

  4. You know, tapp…I didn’t even consider the mexican-populated state thing. Great point, it makes a lot of sense. Maybe Tag did have his head on straight.

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