Pass Right

Charlie Weis is great for college football. Notre Dame returning to thier glory is great for the NCAA, and quite frankly…I’m a fan. Don’t worry, no one will ever move in on my beloved Vols, but Charlie is fun to watch. Mark my word: Notre Dame will be competing for the national title in two years…maybe less. I like his class, his personality, his knowledge of the game, his offensive schemes, but most importantly…I like his heart. Check this story out:

A ten year old boy named Montana was the biggest ND fan on the planet. His parents named him after Joe, who played for the Irish many years ago. But, Montana had a brain tumor. He didn’t have much time to live, but he asked if one of the Notre Dame players would stop by the hospital to see him. Charlie came instead. He brought the young, terminal fan a signed football and spent some time with him. Montana was paralyzed from the waste down but did manage, with Coach Weis’ help, to throw a pass in the hospital room with his new toy. Before the Coach left, he asked the boy if there was anything else he could do for him. There was no response. Charlie then asked, “Would you like to call the first play, Montana?” The boy’s eyes lit up and he smiled. Charlie asked if he wanted a run play or a pass. Montana said, “Pass…to the right.” The Coach promised the young boy that he would do just that.
Saturday rolled around and Notre Dame was about to square off with Washington (this was last week). Montana didn’t stick around long enough to see the game; he passed away the week before. To start off their first possesion, the Irish received the ball on their 1 yard line. The entire offensive backfield was in their own endzone. (If you don’t know this, you never pass from your own endzone because of the possibility of a safety. You always run or QB sneak it to give yourselves a little room to work) An assistant coach asked Charlie what he planned to do. Charlie responded, “We don’t have a choice…I promised Montana to pass right.”
So he did. Brady Quinn (QB) play action faked left and rolled right…he quickly hit his tight end on a shallow flat pass. The TE turned up field and hurdled a Washington defender before getting knocked out of bounds. A 13 yard gain.

Good call, Montana, Good call.

complete story


3 Responses

  1. Smitty,
    Great post, I will be a Charlie Weis fan, and Notre Dame fan as long as he is there simply because of that. You don’t see too much of that anymore and its a great thing

  2. I’ve been an ND fan for years, just because KY football is an oxymoron, and ND football is like KY basketball. They should not have fired Willingham, but they couldn’t have hired anyone better than Weis.


  3. Thank you for the post, boys…Dame is for real.

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