Twelve Brazilian

A man sits next to a blond in the airport…she is reading the newspaper. The headline on the front page says, “Twelve Brazilian Soldiers killed in Battle.” The woman puts her hand to her mouth and gasps. The man asks, “Are you okay?” Not believing what she has read, she looks at the gentleman and asks, “HOW MUCH IS A BRAZILIAN?”


4 Responses

  1. a brazilian is a little bit more than a nigerian.


  2. Isn’t your wife a blond?

  3. i heard that same joke the other day, but with Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush in the joke instead, I bet you can’t guess which one it was that said “How much is a brazilian?”…

  4. actually wes, I thought the mel was a blond for a long time…up until the third year we were dating. Then I found out that she had always died her hair. She has had her natural color for about two years now. she describes it as a dirty blond/light brown. But then again…we all can’t be a blessed as you and have strawberry-blond hair.

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