Al Shamshoon

The Simpsons are going to the middle east…well, sort of. The long running TV show will hit the middle eastern tube not as the lovable Simpsons…but as the Shamshoons. Many things have been altered with the show to appeal to the culture in this region. Homer will be Omar Shamshoon and the mischevious Bart will be renamed Badr. Duff’s beer, Homer’s drink of choice, will be completely cut along with all pork. Omar’s delicious donuts will be replaced with a popular cookie from that region. This is my only problem…what are they going to do with Apu from the convenient store? I personally demand that they make him white…call him Frank…and give him a southern accent. Stay tuned for “Al Shamshoon” coming to a middle eastern tv near you.

*scroll down to find out about the greatest Bird fan to ever live


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  1. hey smitty, will Flanders be muslim? and what about Ralph?

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