Sweating Letterman

The top ten list of great sports names….

10. Goose Gossage (MLB)

9. Popey Jones (NBA)

8. Fat Lever (NBA)

7. Milton Bradley (MLB)

6. Pumpy Tudors (NFL)

5. Majestic Mapp (UVA b-ball)

4. Coco Crisp (MLB)

3. Ben Gay (NFL)

2. God Shamgod (Providence b-ball)

…and at #1, playing quarterback at the University of Tennessee…if the first two are injured…and if they can’t teach some other guy offense before their timeout ends…

Jim Bob Cooter

5 Responses

  1. what about dick trickle?

  2. what about chone figgins?

  3. i like cocoa crispies…

  4. Coco Crisp.
    Scooter McFaggdon
    Miroslav Satan (Buffalo Sabres)

  5. nice…keep them coming if you can

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