My Brother the Genius

Solomon could take the ACT tomarrow and get a 18. I sure of it. Besides being the most beautiful child on the planet and having the personality of a well-established class clown, Booda would run circles around the smartest 4-yr olds. Keeping in mind that the buster is not even 2 yet, I want to share two incredibly smart things that he did this past week.

Booda’s a genius, part 1…

I took the kid out to my parents van to buckle him in so we could leave for the S.T.A.R. Women Magazine Awards Gala, which my mother did win (more on that in the Hero series…coming soon). Anyway, I had to call Mel to ask her something…and the Solomander was listening. While I was talking to her, he tapped me on my arm and said emphatically, “CA MÉ!” You must first know his names for the family: Moma, Dada, Sissy, Bu (for Bro.), and Mé (for Mel). Anyway, I never once said her name during the conversation, yet Budapest knew who it was and joyfully displayed his knowledge. What a kid.

Booda’s a genius, part 2…

My family and I regularly eat at Ruby Tuesday’s, which is behind Joseph Beth. We like to go there because we enjoy eating outside and Solomon loves to feed the ducks. Of course, we have to prevent him from jumping in with them…but all in all we have a marvelous time. His carseat in on the left side of the vehicle, and we were traveling north on Nicholasville Rd. As we past the Lexington Green Mall on our left, his eyes got real big and he started to loose his breath like he does everytime we go see the ducks. He started yelling at everyone in the van, “Mama…GUCKS…Dada…GUCKS…Sissy…GUCKS…Bu…GUCKS.” The boy couldn’t even see the water in the little lake from the road, but he knew that the “gucks” were close. What a kid.

I will continue to tell stories of the genius who is my brother…so stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. Is he the cutie eating the duck food in the picture below?

  2. sure is…he couldn’t believe that we were wasting all the bread when HE was the one who was hungry

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