USC Coach Pushes Player Over the Edge

Pete Carroll of USC is the most brilliant coach in the game. If you don’t believe me…then realize this: his boys haven’t lost a game in nearly three years, they put up incredibly huge numbers, and have been deemed by many as the best team in college football history. But this post isn’t about football (so everybody other than Sok and Tapp can keep reading). Carroll is a genius, but apparently he is a prankster as well…and a mighty good one at that. He busted out a practical joke on his entire team that is worthy of mentioning on the best blog in the world (that like 2.5 people read). Here it is:

He staged a massive argument with his star running back, Lendale White, during a practice this week. Some very colorful words were thrown around that caused the entire team to stop what they were doing and observe. Lendale, Coach Carroll, and a couple of other coaches were the only ones in on the joke. After the fight between coach and player, Lendale stormed off the field and into the locker room. The next thing everyone knew, a dummy appearred on the roof of the athletic building right next to the practice field. The dummy was dressed exactly like Lendale had been, complete with pads and all. He then throws the dummy off the ledge and it comes crashing to the ground with every Trojan watching silently. Carroll told the media that many of the players were totally freaking out and that he quickly had the seize control of the situation. Some weren’t fooled at all, but many thought Lendale White had just ended his life right there in the middle of practice. Props to Carroll and Lendale…very funny.


4 Responses

  1. Um… maybe it’s because I’m not a football player, but this all kinda sounds sick & demented. I mean, who comes up with a prank like this? I guess USC folks have their own mentality and sense of humor. Maybe that’s why they’re so good?

  2. Instead of serving as a role model for his players, Carroll plays a stunt of a player committing suicide. And we wonder what is wrong with the youth of America….it starts with the adult “role models”.

  3. Its a prank. Get over it people…

  4. LOVE IT!

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