The Jesus Career

I am embarking on a new journey, and I want you meatballs to be the first to hear the details. It’s called the Jesus Career…My Jesus Career. Here’s the scoop: I have decided to grow my hair to my shoulders. This new career of mine originally started because J.T. and Soup Bean dared me to grow it out for a year. I accepted. And for all those out there that would respond with something along the lines of…”Well, would you jump off a bridge if your friends dared you too?” My response to you is…yes, yes I would. In fact, I would jump in naked…but I digress. As my hair began to grow slowly, I realized that it was a great idea for me to continue with this mission because I cannot end my existence on this earth without knowing what I look like with a pony-tail. But now I have an even greater motivation. Jesus is my motivation. According to historians and theologians, Jesus would have been a dark brotha, with dark eyes, and long dark hair (probably nappy too). Smitty, coincidentally, is a dark brotha too…with dark eyes and dark hair.

Ephesians 5.1 instructs believers to imitate Christ as dearly beloved children. Honestly, I really struggle with this. It’s hard to sweat a dude that was perfect. So I figured that if I look more like Him, I will have an easier time acting like Him. And, oh yes, I will look just like Jesus. In fact, I will probably receive calls from churches all over the southeast asking me to play Jesus in their Easter plays. I will charge a small fee.

I want the blognation to see the progress I have made thus far. It is significant. The first picture was taken by my wife during our vacation in Destin the last week of July. The second was taken twently minutes ago. I will update the progress of my new career ever so often.



8 Responses

  1. oh your poor wife…

  2. Whoever said you had no ambitions in life obviously was wrong. I always told you i liked it long, bro!!! keep it up.

  3. The thought of you with a ponytail is weirding me out right now!

  4. i am with you bro to give you all the support and butt slaps you want…i will even braided it for you later on

  5. beezer

  6. Man, that looks hip. I played BSU league basketball in college with a lost guy who “looked like Jesus.” Everyone called him Jesus. It was funny to hear him cuss and see him smoke, though.

    I’ve heard of another guy who “looks like Jesus” so much that he’s making a living acting for church plays in Tennessee. So, maybe you can make a career out of it.

  7. thank you all for your support. I love you.

  8. just in case, i’ll post here too..
    thanks for your interest!

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