Stank Glory

This is the second post of the “Glory” series here at SmittyCity. I have this weird way of seeing God in the most obscure of places, but, nevertheless, we strike again.

Today, on the farm, I had the privilege of shoveling muck onto various patches of newly sowed grass seed. If you are not familiar with the term “muck,” let me introduce you to this fine combination of….well, crap. Simply, it is a brilliant mixture of straw, dead grass, and manure. And, you place a layer of muck onto the grass seed to keep moisture underneath so the grass will sprout sooner. It was a long eight hours today, so I began dwelling on manure….dung. Through my intense pondering, I came to this conclusion. God’s Glory is richly displayed by maure. Now, to those who did not just shut off their computer…let me explain. Think of how the Creator set up this wonderful world of His: Animals eat and then excrete…we commonly call this “waste”…but it is not wasted. Manure is an amazing fertilizer to almost everything. Grass, vegetables, flowers, and other crops all rely on animal maure to grow. The natural nutrients found in maure are like candy to crops (phosphorus, nitrogen, potash). God is amazing…to take a nasty, stank, fowl substance like crap and make it so beneficial for creation. We rarely think about stuff like this, which obviously means that He rarely gets credit for stuff like this.

God shows off his majestly all throughout creation….even in the stuff that we normally don’t give a ‘crap’ about.

Stop and realize creation.

I’m out.


5 Responses

  1. And if you collect and burn it, it’s a very good home-warming fuel. Especially for mountain-dwelling folks who don’t have trees and such. Pretty cool, eh?

  2. very

  3. nice, but have you been to this site:


  5. On a completely different note (from the benefits of poop itself) – have you ever had amazing revelation come while pooping? I can’t tell you how many God-moments I’ve had on the can…both humbling and intriguing at the same time.

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