Bush 2005

Reggie runs away with the Heisman…no pun intended. In the most lopsided Heisman trophey vote of all time, Reggie Bush becomes the first non-quarterback in six years to win the award. I would have placed our child’s college fund on Reggie this year. I know a lot of people…and I don’t know a single person who is more fanatical and knowledgable of college football than yours truly. That preface was for the following statment: He is the most dynamic and electric college football player I have ever witnessed in my lifetime (‘my lifetime’ being the key phrase). Heisman winning quarterbacks have a rugged NFL history…for some reason they don’t transition to the elite league well. Running backs and utility backs do not have this problem. Reggie will be a NFL star and I can’t wait to see it (prbably going to the Jets or Texans). I am officially on his bandwagon. Actually, I jumped on his bandwagon when he put up 513 all-purpose yards against Fresno State (who almost knocked off the juggernaut, USC).

Here is the voting breakdown:
• Bush received 85 percent of possible first-place votes (784 out of 923) — the highest percentage ever.
• Bush was named on 99 percent of the returned ballots (884 out of 892) — the highest percentage in history.
• Young received the most second-place votes in history — on a percentage basis.
• Leinart received the most third-place votes in history — on a percentage basis.
• There has never been a more lopsided vote in Heisman history (the top 3 garnered the highest percentage of possible points ever.

6 Responses

  1. How ’bout em??? Reggie is a truly amazing player. If you havent seen the boy play, go on ESPN and check out the hours and hours of video highlights – its crazy! If only Reggie could go to a more respectable team than someone like the Jets or Texans…Heres a topic for debate – What about the Falcons? There is no way this could ever happen that the Falcons could end up with him, but could Vick and Bush make up one of the most dynamic duos in the NFL?? It would be great to see! Good Post!

  2. maybe we will see one of Penn States superb freshman wide outs in those chairs sometime in the near future…

  3. My favorite part of the voting was that Leinart got to cast a vote for him. I want USC to dominate Texas. Might makes right in football.

  4. I am with you tapp. I usually pull for the story. And if USC can put it together again this year…many will ordain them the greatest in college football history. I like the fact that I witnessed it. Just think: 3 national championships, 2 heisman winners, 1 loss in three seaons, and a partrege in a pair tree

  5. hook ’em horns…

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