Super Bowl Bandwagon

Well…Peyton is at home doing his laundry right about now. Marvin is playing Madden ’06 with Reggie, and Edgerrin is walking his dog. Vanderjagt is, of course, Bill Cowering in a deep deep hole somewhere…and I am still mourning. The stars couldn’t have been more alligned for the Baby Horses.

If your like me and your team is not one of the remaining four. It is ok. We must pick a team to pull for on Sunday. Quickly, jump on a bandwagon so that you are not left teamless as the football season comes to an end. It is not near as fun to watch a game with out a team to live and die for. Me? I’m going with the Steelers. Many wonder why I have chosen them…after all, they destroyed the dreams of the Peytonites. One word, my friends: Bettis. Jerome is an incredibly classy guy who has been in the league for a long time. He is ready to retire, and will, if he can get the one thing he doesn’t have after all those years of driving his bus through defensive lines. A ring…THE RING. So, come with me and jump the bandwagon of a true Hall Of Famer…one who derserves it more than anybody. I don’t know what bandwagon you will choose. But as for me, I’m taking The Bus.


7 Responses

  1. Smitty –

    J. Bettis is a great player – and it would be great to see him get “The Ring”. But even though half the world wants the Steelers to win, Im not pulling for ’em (maybe its the colors – never did like the yellow and black). But Im still in a dilemma – I dont know who to go for, I guess it’ll be one of those last second decisions. Truthfully though, just give me a good match up on Super Bowl Sunday and Ill be fine.

  2. yeah…i definitely agree with that. Idealy, I would like to see Bettis vs. Alexander. Sean is a classy guy too.

  3. the big V showed up on Letterman on thursday…i do not think he was sulikng too much…but you are absolutely right bettis is going to get the super bowl this year and i am going to frame my jersey

  4. i dont have much to say, i just felt bad cause you wanted more responses.

    I dont really have a team competing…but what the heck
    GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  5. go cowboys! oh wait, they are not one of the four. Oh well, they will be next year. As for this year, go Seahawks… gotta cheer for the Kentucky boy, even though he went to Alabama, I’ll forgive him just this once!

    Who is Jerome Bettis anyway?

  6. Steelers all the way. Any of those AFC teams could beat Seattle.

  7. how wrong you are tapp!

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