The Shaft for Seattle and other notes

  • After much deliberation, I chose to pull for Pittsburg. Let me rephrase…I chose to pull for Jerome. I made this decision by deciding who I would hurt more for after their loss, Shawn or Jerome. Shawn is still young.
  • It is the 14th straight year that a Tennessee alumni has represented a Super Bowl team.
  • The pregame show was fantastic thanks to Stevie Wonder. We also saw every Super Bowl MVP walk on the field…even Super Bowl I & II’s Bart Starr. Very special.
  • Darryl Jackson did not push off enough for a pass interference call in the end zone during the first quarter. (Seatle shafted #1)
  • Although Bettis had a marvelous block on the goal line, Big Ben did not make it in. Don’t argue. He didn’t make it. (Seatle shafted #2)
  • The Stones were pathetic at halftime. Three halftime flops in a row.
  • Can you say: fast, Fast, FAST Willie Parker.
  • Bad call on Hasselbeck’s tackle after the interception. (Seatle shafted #3)
  • A bad holding call on Seattle that resulted in a 14 point swing. (Seatle shafted #4)
  • Randle El could not have thrown a better pass to Hines Ward. Nope. It was perfect. It was beautiful.
  • Palamaulu and Porter were surprisingly quiet.
  • I hate to see anyone loose the Super Bowl…especially Shawn Alexander.
  • The most terribly officiated Championship game I have ever witnessed.
  • Hasselbeck outplayed Big Ben.
  • Best commerical: Budweiser’s “Streaker”
  • Overall, a great story for Super Bowl history. BETTIS WINS SUPER BOWL XL AT HOME FACING RETIREMENT. Yeah, good story.
Another year in the books.
I can’t wait until September.
(Maybe I’ll write a song called, I’ll Be Gone Till September)

7 Responses

  1. i like the new look

  2. i like the look too…I agree on shaft #1 and I can see the arguments on shaft #2 (although I do think the ball cross the front edge of the goal line. I told my dad they should place a sensor in the ball and have like a real plane in which when the ball passes, there is a siren that goes off. Kind of like the dud in hockey, anyway…) Shaft #3 reagardless of whether he was making a tackle or not he hit the blocker before he hit the ball carrier. I have been trying to remember, who did that earlier in the season too, almost the exact same situation. I want to say Peyton.
    But Congrats to Bettis and Cowher, two of the most deserving and classy people in the League.

  3. If Roethlisberger wasn’t in, where do you spot the ball? The 1cm line? It wasn’t 4th down. Makes no difference.

    Sok: You’re right, that same illegal blocking call happened during a Monday night game earlier in the year. Don’t remember what team.

    I pulled for Pittsburgh because I believe in SMASHMOUTH, and not that fancy-shmancy west coast offense. Holmgren’s wife in the Congo is a good story, he’s done a lot with the team, but let’s face it: Cowher, the Rooneys, Bettis, Steel Curtain.. these are better stories.

    Seattle can go home and drink Starbucks in the rain. Smashmouth lives.

  4. smitty… i LOVE that post. I was going to write one myself on the way Seattle got screwed. I chose to cheer for Ky. boy Shaun Alexander and the NFC team (Go cowboys!) but honestly didn’t care much about the outcome. I was shocked at the officiating! Would it have won Seattle the game? I doubt it, but there was a strong chance of a swing had those calls not got blown. oh well, now I don’t have anything to write about but i will send them over to smittycity for what you had to say.

  5. thanks buddy

  6. The new layout doesn’t look too bad. Feel free to send me word if you’re still interested in messing around with the template and I’ll try to lend a hand.

    And, since I don’t have any sports-related knowledge to convey, I’ll just say that my favorite commercial had to be the Sprint/Nextel theft deterrent ad.

    I was still laughing when the game came back on. If only I could get away with that in real life.

  7. Although Bettis had a marvelous block on the goal line, Big Ben did not make it in. Don’t argue. He didn’t make it. (Seatle shafted #2)

    Uh, yes he did. There is no argument

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