a related quote

In reference to the discussion at Marvelous Light, I dug up this quote that can significantly relate. It is from former theologian/philospher O.S. Jenkins…

“Sorrow engulfs my spirit to see and encounter characteristics of the biblical pharisee evident in this era. Like their ancestors, they have veiled their haughty, Godless attempt at piety with theological pursuits and “right thinking.” We must realize, beloved, that God rejects our knowledge whether of His essence or otherwise, because true knowledge comes from His mouth, not His creation’s. He longs to lift up the humble creature who seeks eternal wisdom instead of finite knowledge, for it is this man who impresses our Father. Yes, it puffs – and is considered rubbish in the eyes of Holy God.”

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  1. brilliant. my favorite philosopher, next to the poet Washington Merriweather.

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