A Lesson in Chili Preference

I was rummaging through my parents fridge the other day with my little brother, Solomon. He was enthusiastically chattering like all 2 year olds do. We found a little of mom’s white chili left in a bowl. Dibs. As I threw it into the microwave, I told my brother that white chili is the best chili in the world, and that it was better than all the rest. A beautiful assortment of white beans, chicken, herbs, and spices, white chili kicks the crap out of dark chili. It then dawned on me what I had just said to my brother. So, I quickly changed my tune. “You know, buddy, all chilis are equal in taste and experience. White chili is not better than dark chili…I like them the same.” Upon further thought, I saw an opportunity to build the young man’s confidence. “Come to think of it, Solomon, I think chili is ten times better when you mix white and dark chili together. It is much more exciting when you mix the two.” What a teachable moment. The boy responded to my lesson with a hearty, “yaaa” (he tends to pronounce his “yes” like he’s swedish). Who would have thought that I could teach my biracial brother a lesson in diversity with a simple bowl of chili?

post scrip: He understood nothing I said…and I am ridiculous.


3 Responses

  1. Dunno if you confused Solomon, but you’ve sure confused me. :^)

  2. make sure you save some of those important life lessons for your kid too.

  3. i wish my kid liked dark chili

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