Valentine’s Day Simplicity


3 Responses

  1. very nice

  2. where did the math problem go? You know, where women=problems???

  3. I understand that men think every holiday, including anniversaries, are pointless, but why can’t you humor us. After all, it’s just a few days out of the year. It’s not a huge commitment. Men always want to know ways they can be more sexy and attractive to their spouse (and get more of what they really want); Well guys, here’s a hint: It doesn’t always take a tight butt and bulging muscles, girls love these so called “pointless” holidays/celebrations. A simple suprise like a single red rose, a home cooked dinner, or even a romantic card means more to a woman than you’ll ever understand.
    I’ve tried to give some good advice. Understand that celebrating these holidays doesn’t just benefit your significant other. If you play your cards right, you may just get what you’re really looking for.

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