Autistic Senior Drops 20

Jason McElwain, an autistic team manager for his high school basketball team, unloaded 20 points in his team’s last game of the season. Check out the story and video.

5 Responses

  1. Amazing! Seeing the coaches, teamates, and the crowd so happy over this brought a smile to my face. Congradulations to the kid-Im sure he will remember it for the rest of his life.

  2. I read this story in the newspaper today while sitting in a restaurant. Being the girl that I am, I had to fight back tears as I read about his team carrying him off the floor on their shoulders.

  3. don’t worry dave…i got a little misty myself when i watched the video.

  4. pretty amazing…i had to fight a couple back

  5. i admit, it was a very touching sad story the first time i saw it. it meant the world to the kid and the kid had a great jumper it seemed, coach probably wishes he played him all year. BUT did it seem to you all like the other team wasn’t contesting his shots at all? Maybe, maybe not? I don’t know but still a very special story

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