Golden Ohno

Apollo Anton Ohno, one of my all-time favorite Olympic athletes, won gold in Torino last night in the speedskating 500m to go along with his bronze in the 1000m. It may have been his last Olympic race…if it was…what a way to go out. He had a brilliant start from the inside position and took the lead in the first corner… and never gave it up. It was a special thing to watch. The Olympics and it’s athletes are so pure and undefiled. It is a treat to watch athletes from all countries compete for respect and hardware. I look forward to Beijing.


4 Responses

  1. is it just me or do the medals look remarkable like cd’s this year?

  2. yeah, i don’t know whats up with the donut medals this year.

  3. You just like him because of his hair…sorry but i dont think yours will ever look like that

  4. Ohno is a poser

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