African Interceptions

This morning, Jon Weece shared the testimony of some American nurses who have moved to Africa to help with the overwhelming AIDS pandemic.

As we all know, the AIDS crisis in Africa is dominating the continent. It has become so bad, that African hospitals are taking sick patients who are days away from death out in to nearby woods and leaving them to die. A group of incredibly passionate nurses from America decided they couldn’t live with that going on. God blessed them with the funding to build a “death” hospital for the diseased. Many nurses have left everything they have ever known in American and moved to these AIDS infested areas of Africa. THERE PURPOSE: At night, they intercept the bodies in the woods, bring them back to this hospital, share the good news of the Gospel with them, give them a nice meal, and allow them to die in peace.

This is what it is all about.

I struggle with what someone once said to me…he said, “If you are not called to stay…then you are called to go.”

We all need to pray that God would free us from our self-absorption…and allow us to give a crap about someone other than ourselves.

I am chief.


One Response

  1. i am right there with you man. we need to stop living such selfish lives and focus on the reason why we are on this earth… to bring glory to the Father.

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