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  1. that’s a nice way of putting it….Congratulations!!! Do you know what you are going to name him?

  2. Hey congratulations.
    Our Baby does not so therefore by process of elimation we are having a girl.

    Oh, by the way I think I am back to blogging again. And what happened to my link, I don’t blog for a couple of months and you take down my link. That’s harsh.

    Anyway, congrats and much love

  3. gotch…my posting has been scare too. it’s great to hear from you…tell your wife I said hello. congrats on the little girlie. peace

  4. Congratulations…May his loins be fruitful and plentiful!

  5. OMG- i cannot wait to tell my nephew that that was how his father introduced him into the world! haha
    also, i had no clue “Gotch” was having a baby either, thats awsome! you gotta tell me these things, bro.

  6. sorry dude

  7. Congrats! Wow…a boy. That is incredibly awesome on so many levels.

    You need to hit me up sometime…we’ve never hung out – and you’ve been somewhat difficult to get a hold of (electronically…haven’t tried the phone yet).

    Send me word if you ever get a free moment :))

  8. Son, that is really rude. Have I not taught you better than that?


  9. oh crap

  10. sorry trevor…I been real busy…i just linked you up though. Sorry bro.

  11. are you going to name it or the baby first?

  12. Anonymous was supoose to be BettyandNate…congrats and Melanie …GOOD LUCK!

  13. Sorry to post another comment about “personal” stuff. No problem at all Smitty – I just wanted to try to catch up with you. I understand being busy, I’ve been there myself this semester. No worries at all. Send me word if you need anything, and we’ll get together once life dies down a bit on both our ends.

  14. there’s an old SNL skit about a physician who delivers nothing but female babies.

    during the skit, he delivers a baby, and says something like, “Congratulations, it’s another girl. Uh-oh. There’s a problem. This one has a penis like two of the others you delivered. We’ll have to operate on her and remove the penis.”

    Don’t get an OB/GYN like that.

  15. Congratulations Smitty, may the Lord set him apart even from the womb bro….enjoy that little guy.

  16. Congratulations, Melanie and Jonathan – You should name him “CAMPBELL SMITH” 🙂

    Jill and Mickey

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