A Pregnancy Update

For all those interested…Melanie is doing great! She is healthy, active, and extremely positive. Never complains. To be honest, I expected to have a basketcase on my hands for nine months (mostly due to other testimonies I have heard). But it has been the exact opposite. She has become even more pleasant than she already was. I guess it is because she is quickly approaching the realization of a life-long dream…motherhood! With her patience, kind heart, and compassion…she will be an amazing mother. We are just entering the third trimester. Still sorting through names.

She is a stud.

Don’t worry about me…I’ll be out of denial shortly.


8 Responses

  1. Awesome news! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!

    <>< Yeah Boy

  2. Awesome man…praise the Lord for the gift of children!!

  3. Don’t say stuff like that, man. The fear of “crazy pregnant woman” syndrome is excellent birth control motivation.

    Glad everyone is healthy and well.

  4. Thank you boys…good to hear from you all.

  5. I like the name Troy…. If you don’t have a middle name you could combine it with Michael…

    Troy Michael Smith… kinda has a ring to it

  6. I like Ray Ray better.

  7. Stick with Moses!
    Even though they weren’t friends in the Bible, Solomon and Moses in 2006 are gonna be the best of friends.

  8. I think you’re right, Kat! (I just can’t stop thinking about how Solomon says “Mo!”)

    Pray for Melanie’s illumination!

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