Spring Sports Notes

* Good Gosh…Quit pitching to Pujols!

* I don’t care about Colorado, Shaq, or Phil…Kobe is raw. The best athlete/player in the league. Kobe plays just like Mike did. You must respect it. He will be the first player to break Abdul-Jabar scoring record.

* The NCAA violation investigation that is going on at U.S.C. will not affect Reggie Bush’s draft status. Bush to the Texans at 1. If they didn’t take away O.J.’s heisman, they would never take away Reggie’s.

* Mark my words. Jay Cutler, out of Vandy, will have a more productive NFL career than Matt Leinhart.

* A-Rod is one of the classyist athletes today. Despite your Yankeephobia, respect him.

* The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, etc NBA Championship Series: Spurs vs. Pistons

* With the first pick of the 2006 NPWDTPHOFC (National Potheads Who Destroyed Their Potential Hall of Fame Career) League, the United Reefers select: Ricky Williams! (In case you didn’t hear…he’s out for another year)

* Barry will never catch Hank

* Watch out for Mario Williams,Vernon Davis, and Bobby Carpenter on Draft Day.

* I would love to see the Titans pick Vince Young.

* Favre is back. Whupty-Freakin’-Do!

* Already anticipating football season…right now, I’ll take the Irish (still praying about it)

* Do they still play hockey?


12 Responses

  1. what is hockey?
    is it like soccer?
    soccer sucks.

  2. soccer players are some of the best athletes in the world…plus the world cup is the single largest sporting event viewed or spectated in the world.

    Couldn’t be more right about kobe…dude can play!

  3. I agree with you about:

    1) Kobe.
    2) Jay Cutler over Matt Leinart. Playing in the SEC for 4 years vs. playing in the PAC-10 for 3?
    3) Spurs/Pistons

    I DISAGREE STORNGLY with you about:

    1) A-Rod. I don’t know of you watched any of the ALCS two years ago, but did you see the play here A-Rod tried to knock the ball out of the first baseman’s glove?

  4. That is the only thing that A-Rod haters can bring up. I did watch it. You have base your opinion of a future hall-of-famer (and probably one of the best players ever to play the game when it is all said and done) on a mere natural REACTION to a very competitive and intense situation. I don’t like the yankees…i’m not a a-rod fan…but i am objective. That play in no way discredited him as a player or professional.

  5. i agree with every bit of it but mostly with the brett favre crap. give it up, already. we already know you he is one of the best QB’s to ever play, now he is just hurting his legacy… people need to learn when to quit.

    I am tired of people saying Lebron is better than Kobe… that is just ridiculous, Kobe is the man.

    Pujols is a freak and won another game together (his 6th game-winning RBI of the season… unbelievable)

    I hate A-Rod but he will be one of the best to ever play the game.

  6. good call, wiley

  7. Who cares about Bush, why isn’t anyone talking about USC in this investigation?? Let’s see some probation action, SEC style!

    This year (maybe next) is the Piston’s last year to make a great run.

    Titans will take Vince Young. He will fill the seats.

    I’m not sure Cutler or Leinert will be Brady or Manning-esque.

    Old players (like Favre) cannot “hurt their legacy.” Their achievements are etched in history forever. Let him play for the love of playing. You let MJ do it for that reason.

    On second thought, old guys like Barry Bonds can hurt their legacy because they used steroids and lied about it.

    Favre is to Bonds what Billy Graham is to Osama Bin Laden.

    (that’s strong comment action right there).

  8. True to that JTapp favre is the man…(has been since he started playing for the falcons)

  9. Tapp…I completely agree about USC…give them 5 years!

    No doubt that Favre has done his thing in the league, but his time is up. Being the QB of a historic franscise that desperately needs to start planning for the future is much different than the greatest player of all time coming back to “mentor” wizard players. Mike’s presence helped to build quality players in Washington…Favre’s presence is prolonging a return to greatness.

    Vince young will have an average career…much like michael vick and daunte culpepper.

    Did you hear about USC’s new quarterback being arrested on some kind of sexual charges. It just keeps piling up for them.

    I agree that none of the top three quarterbacks in this years draft will live up to Brady/manning.

  10. I do think the Packers will have a better year if the injuries subside. I think that’s why Favre is comming back, because last years team was stacked with players, but they where all injured. If he was comming back and the players sucked I’d be mad, but I agree with smitty on the MJ thing. (Hey smitty how about putting me on the blognation nickcooper.blogspot.com)

  11. Speaking of veterans mentoring younger players, isn’t it amazing how fast the Vikings went downhill after Chris Carter retired? Culpepper was never the same.

    Maybe Favre is prolonguing the malaise. But, they’re not really in a good position to draft or trade for a quarterback, and have so many other needs. If they don’t have Favre this season then they won’t win a game.

    Vince Young scored a very low 16 on his Wonderlic (intelligence test). Apparently Dan Marino did also. I think Young will be as good as McNair was. Whether that’s good or bad, I dunno.

  12. soccer still sucks

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