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The Kenya Chronicles: Realizing the Need
May 27, 2006

Because my communication with Scott was limited before I arrived in Nairobi, I didn’t fully understand the primary need in Kenya. To be honest, I still don’t completely understand, but after Scott informed me and I was able to see it first hand…I have a pretty good idea. The primary need in Kenya, similar to a lot of other sub-Saharian countries in Africa, is not the Gospel. Now granted, the literal gospel is needed everywhere in the world, including Kenya. But Kenya is extremely Christianized (by Christianized, I mean that they have heard and know who Christ is and what he has done for mankind). The Democratic Republic of Congo is nearly 99% Christianized. The gospel is nothing new to many Africans.

The primary needs are two-fold.

First, humanitarian work is deperately needed. The don’t need your Ray Comfort track…they need your food, they need adaquate living arrangements, they need medicine, they need hope for a future (Matthew 25.31-46). I will address the humanitarian need more in a later post.

Second, they desperately need discipleship. At several of the gatherings that I preached, I asked a crowd full of believers if they knew who Philemon was…far less than a fourth raised their hands. I asked if they had heard of the apostle Paul…a fourth confirmed their knowledge of this man. Scott explained to me how incredibly weak the preaching is in these African countries. Worship is rich and reverent, but the teaching is lacking. Scott said, “They are miles wide and inches deep.” In and around Nairobi, there were just as many, if not more, churches than we see in our bible belt. They are on every corner. The gospel is preached and well known by most. Several times during my trip, I thought of how silly and arrogant it is to have so many biblical resources in America that I rarely take advantage of. The leather of my six bibles at home should be worn completely off by now…instead I find myself struggling to choose which version to put in my backpact to carry with me (which usually never gets opened when I am at my various destinations). Our resources are priceless.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many who still need to surrender their life to the gospel of Jesus Christ. And ultimately, the story of salvation is the primary need of this dying world. But the Kenyans don’t need to hear it anymore…they need to be taught how to live it…and they need to be given the physical resources and opportunities so they can stay alive and healthy to be able to live it.


The Kenya Chronicles: American Soil
May 24, 2006

I have been on American soil since Sunday afternoon. I hated to leave, but I was eager to return. My first trip out of the country was life-altering, and it is my intentions to share some (not all) of what God and a third world country taught me about existence and reality. My recent experience is dominating my thoughts, energy, and being even now, so I believe I will hibernate around this issue for a while. I hope that some of the things I relay will cause you to pause and think about life outside our box, or if you have been outside for a time, I hope that you will remember your own experience and how it changed you. I briefly stepped outside that box and witnessed a world I had only previously read about or seen in the media. I returned a different creature. Bear with me.

Remember Chandler and Andy and the Porter group in prayer as they travel to Kenya very soon.

May 4, 2006


David Blaine: Drowned Alive
May 2, 2006

After being buried alive for seven days, entombed in ice for three days, fasting for 44 days as he dangled from an acrylic box over London’s Thames River, and perched atop a nearly ninety-foot-high, twenty-two-inch-wide pillar before plunging to street level with only cardboard boxes below to break his fall, David Blaine will again take it to the max this Monday night as he attempts to break the record for holding your breath under water. The current record is 8 minutes – 58 seconds. That’s not all. Starting May 1 (yesterday), Blaine will live in a human sized aquarium for seven days before he attempts to break the nine minute mark. To prepare himself for this rugged event, Blaine has been in strict training with the Navy Seals and the World Class Free-Diving Team. In addition to this stunt, there will be more of Blaine’s street magic from a casino in Las Vegas, Angola State Prison in Angola, Louisiana, and a New York art gallery. If you have never witnessed any of David Blaine’s work, I encourage you to experience it. You won’t believe what you are watching!

Monday, May 8 at 8:00pm on ABC

2006 NFL Draft – First Round
May 1, 2006

1. Houston – Mario Williams (North Carolina State) DE
2. New Orleans – Reggie Bush (USC) RB
3. Tennessee – Vince Young (Texas) QB
4. New York Jets – D’Brickashaw Ferguson (Virginia) OT
5. Green Bay – A.J. Hawk (Ohio State) OLB
6. San Franciso – Vernon Davis (Maryland) TE
7. Oakland – Michael Huff (Texas) DB
8. Buffalo – Donte Whitner (Ohio State) DB
9. Detriot – Ernie Sims (Florida State) LB
10. Arizona – Matt Leinhart (USC) QB
11. Denver – Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt) QB
12. Baltimore – Haloti Ngata (Oregon) DT
13. Cleveland – Kamerion Wimbley (Florida State) DE
14. Philadelphia – Brodrick Bunkley (Florida State) DT
15. St. Louis – Tye Hill (Clemson) DB
16. Miami – Jason Allen (Tennessee) DB
17. Minnesota – Chad Greenway (Iowa) OLB
18. Dallas – Bobby Carpenter (Ohio State) LB
19. San Diego – Antonio Cromartie (Florida State) DB
20. Kansas City – Tamba Hali (Penn State) DE
21. New England – Laurence Maroney (Minnesota) RB
22. San Francisco – Manny Lawson (NC State) DE/LB
23. Tampa Bay – Davin Joseph (Oklahoma) OG
24. Cincinnati – Jonathon Joseph (South Carolina) DB
25. Pittsburgh – Santonio Holmes (Ohio State) WR
26. Buffalo – John McCargo (N.C. State) Utility
27. Carolina – DeAngelo Williams (Memphis) RB
28. Jacksonville – Marcedes Lewis (UCLA) TE
29. New York Jets – Nick Mangold (Ohio State) C
30. Indianapolis – Joseph Addai (LSU) RB
31. Seattle – Kelly Jennings (Miami) DB
32. NY Giants – Mathias Kiwanuka (Boston College) DE