The Kenya Chronicles: American Soil

I have been on American soil since Sunday afternoon. I hated to leave, but I was eager to return. My first trip out of the country was life-altering, and it is my intentions to share some (not all) of what God and a third world country taught me about existence and reality. My recent experience is dominating my thoughts, energy, and being even now, so I believe I will hibernate around this issue for a while. I hope that some of the things I relay will cause you to pause and think about life outside our box, or if you have been outside for a time, I hope that you will remember your own experience and how it changed you. I briefly stepped outside that box and witnessed a world I had only previously read about or seen in the media. I returned a different creature. Bear with me.

Remember Chandler and Andy and the Porter group in prayer as they travel to Kenya very soon.

4 Responses

  1. It is too good to have you back…there has been a lack of people to run to for help! When best friends are gone for periods of time it is definately noticable.

  2. I appreciate it, bro.

  3. We missed you! but we are so proud of you!

  4. Now that you are outside of “that box,” take the time to BURN IT! If not, its luxurious interior will lure you back in. (Besides, burning it while you are still in it can prove to be almost as hazardous as being in it in the first place.)

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