Enter Lil’ Smitty

So…they said she was pregnant. They were right.
Here are the stats of the little life that changed ours:
Name: James Gabriel Smith
Position: son
Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz.
Length: 20 inches
College: Saint Joseph East
Years Pro: .019
I’ll be back later to share the detailed account.
Click the link to check out Gabriel’s picture

8 Responses

  1. “smith” is the password

  2. congratulations!

    that’s the weirdest thing, i had no idea what the password was when i clicked but the first thing i tried just for the heck of it was “smith”. i am a freakin genius. not that you probably care, but i am proud.

  3. pnut

  4. get up, wiley. good to hear from you…it’s been a while.

    dude man…I like “pnut” much better than “peanut” – good work.

  5. smitty, I’m not gonna lie, that post was SMOOTH homie. nice work.

  6. Wow, congratulations. I love the name too, definitely a 5-star one. Kids gonna be a champ.

  7. thanks a lot, justin

  8. lookin good bro. I’ll give him individual basketball workouts for free whenever he wants them. holla

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