Yesterday’s Birthdays (July 27)

  • Jonathan Smith (me)
  • Pamela Smith (mother)
  • Gabriel Smith (son – 2 weeks)
  • Jim Smith (uncle)
  • Claire Price (cousin)
  • Ben Burdette (cousin)
  • Hunter Ray (cousin)
  • Chris Curtis (friend)
  • A-Rod

6 Responses

  1. happy birthday

  2. holy crap…I didn’t you had the same birthday as

  3. smitty, hook me up as a link on your blog homie.

  4. I did…you big dummy. I already told you once. You’re the Tailor.

  5. july is a ballin month i must admit (15th for me). come check out my blog homie, and maybe hook me up with a link. i talk about “his greatness” aka MJ.

  6. dude thats crazy…yall didnt plan it did you?

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