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August 13, 2006

It is staggering when one imagines how intimate the process of creation was for our God. When forming matter to jealously and constantly scream “GLORY,” a certain amount of care and consideration goes into your work (let’s call that an educated assumption). There is an unmeasurable level of creativity and genius that consumes the world around us, from the water cycle and photosynthesis to the tiniest biological details of Melanie’s pregnancy. God is awesome (it is unfortunate that the word “awesome” is so overused). I preface my thoughts with these truths so that we understand that God was whole-heartedly involved in every detail of creation. So, with that in mind…I have this question.

Why Green?
An extremely annoying and ubiquitous thought I have had for quite some time deals with the motives of a certain Deity in His color choice. From trees to grass to plants to algae to weeds…all over the world! The next time you scan creation at any location outside of a desert wasteland, the color green will most certainly dominate the scenery. My question is a bit childish, I’ll admit, but why did God create chlorophyll to possess a hue of green. Like our beaded power braclets, does the color green really symbolize growth? I truly believe that God has done nothing without reason…so why green? After I typed the previous sentence, I stopped and turned my head to peer out a window. Without moving an inch, I can clearly see at least ten shades of green among the flora. Don’t get me wrong, I have no significant issues with the Lord’s color selections. I concede that pink or purple simply wouldn’t work. Also, we all know that green plants and vegetables are among some of the most healthy foods you can eat. I’m determined to believe there is something to this overlooked and overwhelming color.
To further provoke thought, consider this: Is my green…your green?

The Biography of Satan X
August 6, 2006

Radioactive attire bleeds philantrophy, but understanding the novice heart is the true gift. If Malcolm X took time to study the works of Lucifer, then the assault from underground would prove to be wasted emotion and energy. All this world needs is comfort in the midst of the heart’s chemical spill. If you bring death to my door…I’ll meet it with your rifle. Hate brings forth hate, but so does good.