The Savior of Blues

I rarely review a compact disc, but this particular project by John Mayer is absurdly deserving.

Continuum, Mayer’s third major release, finally eclipses the breathy pop-acoustic vibe that he previously discharged. With a brilliant mix of Motown type soul and Chicago blues, Mayer’s smooth voice and guitar will captivate even the staunchest of blues aficionados. I first heard Mayer on an episode of the highly popular medical drama, House. At first, I had no idea who the singer/songwriter was until I Googled the lyrics of his soulful and emotional single, “Gravity.” This particular song did something to my spirit.

There is not a song on the album that isn’t worth stopping the train of your day to listen to. The critically and commercially recognized single, “Waiting on the World to Change,” a falsetto-laden “Vultures,” and a phenominal cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Bold as Love” help sculpt this record into a piece that will forver aid the definition of this generation’s music. I would strongly recommend listening to this album start to finish, there is an emotional purpose in it’s order.

There are few albums that have ever swept me away, but Continuum has succeeded. I would consider it to be one of the greatest cds I have ever heard (if your curious of it’s company…ask). I was particularly impressed when at times he would coat a song with his own background vocals (one of the reasons I love Michael Jackson so much), as well as the placement of his stout guitar riffs. I must also admit that his rich, distinct voice is beyond sexy. There is an amazing unity in his voice, music, and lyrics that I rarely hear. Ultimately, preference is present, but you must know that Smitty doesn’t get excited about music too often. Check out this 28 year old’s work and let me know what you think. Connecticut’s own, a drop-out of Berklee College of Music, has secured his seat as the savior of blues. Do you dig Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn? Dig the evolution.

Dave Campbell and I often discuss modern music that people will listen to decades from now… I think Gabriel’s son will know of Continuum-Music by John Mayer.


15 Responses

  1. good post. ive been listening to the thirty second clips on itunes for the past couple days, contemplating on whether or not i should “invest” in this cd. thanks to your recommendation, continuum may be in my library in the coming days. take care man. peace.

  2. FYI
    whatever Dave Campbell and Smitty decides will bethe music people listen to decades from now, will be the music people listen to decades from now. It’s not that we’re so savy as to what will shape the landscape as much as it is if we tell someone to like a certain collection for the rest of their lives they listen or receive the Chuck Norris like punishment for failing to listen. You will like this album for the rest of your existence or you will be regarded as cast out ofthe community by your friends for failing to agree with Dave Campbell and Smitty

  3. Note: Fortunately no one has ever disagreed with Dave Campbell and Smitty as is evidenced by the fact that you are reading this. Had you ever disagreed you ability to read would be the same place as your ability to live…nonexistent.

  4. yes.

  5. This is a pro-quality review. I don’t know if it is correct, but it is pro-quality.

    “…help sculpt this record into a piece that will forever aid the definition of this generation’s music.”

    Doesn’t it seem that music has gotten so broad and diverse that “generational music” is a thing of the past? Has music grown to be undefinable for a generation?

    I know that there is not one genre that completely embraces my tastes. Perhaps the same is true for others.

    I miss you man…
    and Dave too!

  6. i completely disagree with smitty and dave…i just wanted to say that…

  7. who are you, queeny? …and why have you spilt your terrible opinion on my blog.

  8. i agree with queeny, he is not all that great.

  9. “Ultimately, preference is present…”

    And by the way, I don’t care that you are anonymous…but if you would like to reveal your identidy without having a Blogger account – you can hit the “other” button and just type in your name. Again, I don’t care, but it is kind of pointless to state an opinion without taking credit for it. No one really wants to know that “anonymous” didn’t like the John Mayer album.

  10. Anonymous-

    Please allow me to clarify…

    I did not intend to communicate to you or anyone else that no one wanted to know the opinion of “anonymous”… meaning -no one cares about your specific opinion. Rather, I mean’t that it does no one any good to know that “anonymous” has a particular opinion about a specific musician. Not knowing the identity of a person makes their opinion useless. Your opinion alongside your identity is valued and desired at Smitty City. To beat a dead horse, I don’t mind that you comment anonymously, but opinions exist and are recognized because the individual exists and can be recognized. Anonymity frustrates the system. Wise cracks or clever musings are appropriate for anonymous commenters…opinions, however, are not. I love you.

  11. smitty, I would agree with ya. While I’ve never been WILD for him, this CD is quite good. I have a few songs on the ipod, but yes, these will soon become classics.

    true true

  12. had you bothered to click on my link smitty, you would know who i am.

  13. all right…tad bit embarrassed, but I know you’ll forgive me.

  14. Dave Campbell is sooooo sexy!!!!!

  15. again…an opinion

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