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A Googol
October 24, 2006

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The Solomander
October 16, 2006

At dinner last night, my smarty pants little brother looked me dead in the eyes and said, “Bu, I hate you.” I was shocked to say the least. So I did what any brother would do…I told on him. Solomon received “the look” from my mother, so he determined in his little brain that he needed to repair our broken relationship. He decided to do so with a hug and these words, “Bu, I’m sorry that I hate you.”

October 10, 2006

Fans of Smitty City (the faithful 2 …and believe it or not, Melanie is not even one of them) know that I seldom use my blog for journal entries. I have a journal – and most of the time it is none of your business. But today…October 10, the year of our Lord 2006, I must turn my back on anti-journaling convinctions because I experienced the gnarliest weekend I’ve had in quite some time, and I must brag…I must. So, here we go…
It started on Thursday when I dropped a big ole’ 97% on my Discrimination in Linguistics class. Linguistics is a fascinating area of study. You know what else is fascinating? A 97 on a test. Mix the two and the world might end. Thank God it didn’t before the rest of the weekend played out.
I then proceeded to pick up my crazy cool sister, Kmax, and head off to Hotlanta. The reason for our southward expedition was to meet up with 4 insane cats already holding down the city for us. The cats are the following: Jimmy Carter, Dave Campbell, J.T. Eldridge, and a groovy chick named, Funky Chrystal. The reason for our meeting: Catalyst 2006. I was incredibly blessed to hear guys like Louie Giglio, Donald Miller, the dude who started the LiveStrong braclet, Lannie Donahoe, Reggie Joyner, and Rick McKinnley talk about leadership within the church. Flat amazing. Life-changing. Seriously.
I drove back home to Nicholasville Saturday morning just in time to help my parents with the All God’s Children rummage sale. It was successful. But not as successful as my Volunteers were on Saturday night. At halftime of the game, I was mad, frustrated, and mad. Adjustments were made in both offensive and defensive schemes at the break, which resulted in Tennessee blowing the doors off the #10 ranked team in the nation. It was a sexy win. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Vols put up 51 points in a game, much less on an SEC powerhouse. And to top it off, Ainge played like a Heisman candidate.
Now we come to the greatest part of the experience. A date with my beautiful wife. But not just any date…a concert in Nashville. Not just any concert…John Mayer. It was the most amazing experience I have had in quite some time. I have never really been to a real, secular concert before. The energy was addictive. Mayer, like the Vols, blew the doors off. His music has captured me. His performance was even better. I’ve never seen anyone play the guitar like that in my life. I was speechless. Being there with my wife was priceless. She said she might leave me for John Mayer. Funny, I always thought she would leave me for Will Smith. Anyway, his performance was 100 times better than his album…and his album is great. We returned to the great town of Nicholasville at 3 a.m. It was worth every second.
And tonight, I end my adventure with a little thing called The Last Chapter. Ortiz…Shamrock…3. Nuff said.
(I dedicate the length of this gnarly post to my gnarly friend, Taylor)