The Exploitation of Calvin Klein

We are all well aware of political pundit, Rush Limbaugh…headache to both elephants and donkeys. Though I tend to agree with most of his rantings, we all would agree that he doesn’t do much to aid the reputation of conservatives. Well, he has successfully ruffled the media’s feathers (and their panties) yet again with his comments on Michael J. Fox, his illness, and his stem-cell supporting commercials. I love you, Rush. You make me smile, even laugh at times. Heck, I even looked past your drug addiction and your ridiculous marriage to the core of your being…and found something worth holding on to. But why would you feel the need to attack the character of an adored, Parkinson’s-ridden, time-traveling hero like Michael J. freakin’ Fox? You might as well made fun of Chris Reeves or the boxer formally known as Cassias Clay. If Rush’s ultimate mission is to sway viewers and listeners, then why would he attack the integrity of a loved celebrity battling a terminal disease? It just doesn’t make sense. Don’t broadcast that opinion…it doesn’t help the cause! Well, he did. And as I usually do here at Smitty City, I will give you my humble (and always correct) opinion. I wouldn’t have done it. After I watched the commercials, I would have put my head down, picked up my briefcase and exited the conference room. I would not have taken off my clothes, jumped on the table, and screamed, “FAKER, FAKER, BELLY-ACHER!”
If your have not caught up on the story…Rush accused Fox of failing to take his medicine to therefore incite the tremors associated with Parkinson’s, specifically for the taping of this commercial. The mission of this behavior, as stated by Limbaugh, was to evoke emotion in the viewers which would ultimately sway them to supporting stem-cell research and this particular candidate. Let’s face it…if you see Calvin Klein on the tube unable to control his body, you’re going to stop and watch. Furthermore, you will probably feel some sort of emotion; in fact, I couldn’t help but feel some when viewing the commercial in order to formulate this opinion. Case and point: wise, wise tactic. Keyword of “case and point”: tactic.
Rush is not completely off base. He points out that Fox is on record in previously admitting to skipping his medication to exaggerate the tremors. If it’s happened before, it can happen again. I won’t speak to the accuracy of this allegation, and I won’t address its morality either (although you might care to comment). But I will say this: Rush was right by saying that Fox and his democratic cronies exploit his illness in times such as these. Most certainly. Aristotle’s pathos is guaranteed when Fox is on screen unable to control himself. So yes, I believe that Fox’s illness is being used as a tactic of political war. But…In the future, Rushy-baby, choose your battles more wisely. We don’t want to be viewed as heartless vultures!

(It should be noted that before Christ, I was a heartless vulture. Now I’m just a vulture…actually more like an Appalachian Buzzard)

(it should also be noted that agreeing with elephants more than donkeys doesn’t make you and elephant)


11 Responses

  1. LOL:

    We all knew something was up with Rush.


  2. Interesting post Smitty. Bringin’ down tha house. Ya dropped it like Michael J. in Jenga.

  3. I stopped listening to Rush a long time ago. People like him and O’Reilly frustrate me with double standards and arrogance. It was funny to see Bill getting tossed by David Letterman. I think sheehan is a nut but bill said some pretty crude things.
    that brings me to another point, I am fortunate to listen to the first two hours of Imus every weekday morning. What is even better is reading all over the news of John Kerry’s even more foot in mouth move, on the show Wednesday. Imus is the best thing since sliced bread.
    anyway I had no other point but to ramble.

  4. I agree with the following…

    Rush and O’Reilly are too arrogant for my taste. I’ll be honest…I would add Sean to the group.

    Didn’t see Letterman…

    Imus is great radio. A great day for me is getting up and listening to Imus (and checking out Mike and Mike during the commercials), and then hearing the king of radio, the Herd…and then getting at 1 o’clock when it is all over…go to work or school or whatever else i have to accomplish that day. And while I’m on my way to do those things…i tune in to DP.

    Kerry’s a dope.

  5. correction:

    “getting up at 1….”


    “getting at 1”

    I’m a dope

  6. Good post man I love your comment about liking elephants doesn’t make you one. moderates rock. Rush made a fool of himself

  7. i like you’re style smitty.
    you too sleet.

    i’m out like muhammed ali in a game of jenga. (thats the original joke) but nice variation sleet.

  8. sleet…by “interesting” did you mean “interesting” or “iiiiinteresting” ?

  9. I thought you were telling ME to write shorter posts. lol
    interesting though…

  10. Smitty,
    I agree that Rush probably went a little too far in his comments. Jenny and I talked about this and both agree that, though it was a great tactic by MJF to do that ad on behalf of “ebryonic stem cell research,” he sort of shot himself in the foot, and did a little damage to the ad, when he himself admitted to not having read the proposed ammendment in Missouri. And it was a crude tactic to imply that Sen. Jim Tallent desires to “criminalize” the science that could lead to a cure of diseases like Parkinson’s. This is simply not true – Tallent is against embryonic stem cell research, but is all for adult stem cell research. As we all know, the issue revolves around the sanctity of human life. Fox and the majority of the “Donkeys” (an ample term, I think) are all for embryonic stem cell research due to their view on human life. This, I think, is what stirs those the likes of Rush, Hannity, and O’Reilly. I, for one, really like all three, but agree that they can be a bit arrogant. Sean a lot more so lately, which does bother me.

    Anyway, sorry for my long comment. I am glad to be a right-wing Christian conservative though. Moderate values are just that – moderate – middle of the road – no real commitment to anything. Though Rush can be an idiot and has done some harm, I’ll take him over Kerry/Pelosi/Murtha/Reid/Kennedy anyday.

  11. Smitty, I felt the exact same way when I heard Rush’s remarks.

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