Jesus is Dead

My heart nearly exploded as I heard those words escape from the mouth of a fellow student this evening in class. She said it in passing…but she said it. Her exact words were: “Leadership can be studied from the life of Jesus even though he is dead. Besides, even today all those people follow him for some reason.” She was giving a presentation on a book written by Ken Blanchard entitled, Servant Leadership. I said nothing. I felt Satan and his angels applauding me. I should have interrupted her presentation. That is what God has called us to do… to interrupt while the world spins to proclaim, however small or insignificant the venue, that our Lord is not dead. Tonight, I failed at following Christ. I failed my mission.

Lately, my pursuits of being an exceptional student have overshadowed my calling to be an exceptional disciple. There is more required from jonathan smith than simple A’s and B’s. The colleges and universities that we occupy need more than good students. They need fearless warriors who endlessly fight for the throne of creation. A throne that is already established, but one that has yet to be acknowledged by thousands that walk past us everyday on weathered pavement…thousands that walk by me. I started to write these thoughts in my journal, but I decided to post them so that they may encourage, challenge, and convict those of us who are merely surviving on our respective campuses. Let us pray for each other.

Tonight, I agreed with her.

Excuse me, you are right to say that many follow Him even now. We follow him because He is not dead. In fact, He conquered death and overcame the world. My apologies for the interruption.

6 Responses

  1. Good stuff somthing we all suck at doing. looks like somthing I need to fix as well

  2. wow Smitty, thanks for that. I needed to be reminded today that Jesus is alive, here with me, and I should live that out!

  3. I am not calling you out (b/c I would be calling myself out as well) but just making an observation… “Manners are the cowards defense fro everything.” We all should be contending for the faith regularly (Philippians 1:27; Jude vs.3).

  4. I appreciate your comment, anonymous, but manners had nothing to do with it. The reason I remained silent was because of fear…not because of manners. It sucks to have to admit that. I like your quote, but it just doesn’t apply here.

  5. good stuff boy. bounce back even stronger next time. cause you’ll get another chance.

  6. B-

    have you heard the new trip lee cd?
    if you haven’t…you’ve got to pick it up. And…what about your boys knocking off texas and knocking out colt.

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