Scarlet & Gray vs. Scarlet Knights?

1. Ohio State .977
2. Michigan .974
3. USC .870
4. Florida .850
5. Notre Dame .819
6. Rutgers .787
7. Arkansas .757
8. W. Virginia .658
9. Wisconsin .643
10. Louisville .641

Imagine this…
USC loses to Cal tomorrow night at 8. USC beats Notre Dame next week. Florida loses to Florida State next week. Arkansas loses to Florida in the SEC championship. Rutgers beats West Virginia on December 2nd. And if all that happens, Michigan doesn’t fall back into second after a loss to Ohio State. Who’s left?

I heard a BCS analyst say that… mathematically, a team that can reach the six position in the BCS rankings can, in fact, reach the national championship game. IT IS CONCEIVABLE. Of course, a million things must happen in the next few weeks…but remember that a man named George recently made it to the Final Four.

However, at this point, all USC has to do is win out (Cal, Notre Dame, @ UCLA…rugged) and they’ll hold off all one loss teams.


7 Responses

  1. I hate to say it, but, if Louisville wouldn’t have lost a certain player this year… they would have certainly been nat’l champs.

  2. i like the idea that a team like rutgers has a chance…i am slightly a fan of parody…but they are pretty good so i do not think it is so much parody as most believe

  3. They are good without him…would have been very good with him. But I wouldn’t say that they would “certainly be national champs.”

  4. INCONCIVABLE!!!!!!!!!! (pricess bride)

    the scarlet knights lost last night and i think michigan will remain #2

  5. Thismmust be the Jonathan Smith in the Kernel.

  6. Michigan won’t stay #2 if USC wins out. Mark it down.

  7. Not me, nick. I get that a lot on campus, though. Trust me, I wouldn’t spend that much time editing a bunch of articles on UK sports.

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