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  1. are you going to add the nittany lions?

  2. no…but I heard that the line is 1/2 for how many strokes Joe Pa will have before the bowl game. I’m taking the over.

  3. No prediction on Kentucky or Tennessee’s bowls? come on now.

  4. that was just my bcs predictions. I want to see the lines on the others.

  5. Go SEC- woo hoo!!!

  6. Sorry, I’m pulling for the Buckeyes. I can’t bring myself to pull for the Gators in any scenario.

  7. I might have said that when spurrier was at florida. But i’m a southern boy at heart…and i despise the Big Ten…especially Ohio State. I always want the sec to come out on top.

  8. Yeah come on Flintstone, you’re a southern belle as well.

  9. no Michigan?? no way…

  10. I’d take Michigan’s defense…I’d take USC offense. So it comes down to coaching. I like Pete Carrol in the big game.

  11. good call

  12. OH-IO baby. Flordia has no chance even though Tim Tebow is from the seed of Chuck Norris.

    no kansas st. vs. Rutgers prediction?

  13. Florida has NO chance….is that right bsok???
    sure about that???

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