SEC Hyperbole (maybe) & Bathroom Talk

It’s over for the SEC. After this year, you will never see another SEC team in the BCS National Championship game. Now that Saban is ready to resurrect the historic Crimson Tide, the Southeastern Conference has never been so stacked. Richt, Spurrier, Miles, Meyer, Nutt, Tubberville, Fulmer, Kentucky on the move, and now Slick Nick. No one will ever again be able to exit the SEC regular season unscathed and triumph in Atlanta, subsequently sending them to the Big Daddy. Hey, Big Ten…quit arguing with us…your not the toughest conference! You may have the old history, but we have the new muscle! (or as my man Will said, “Old and Busted…New Hotness!”). But, we’re becoming too strong. How are you suppose to make it out untouched when your getting hammered by the best athletes and the best coaches in the nation week in and week out (this is why I predict 1 loss Florida to upset the Buckeyes Monday night). Besides the dynamic coaches slowly trickling into the greatest conference on earth, it would be negligent not mention the top three quarterbacks in all of high school football who meandered into the SEC last year (Tebow, Stafford, Mustain). Simply put, the best players are following the best coaches. Try pouring your heart and soul into preparation for Urban Meyer’s Gators one week, and spend the next week recovering from your excruciating win just in time to play in Death Valley. There is too much parity…everyone is good.

And for the record-
If Smitty says a mosquito can pull a plow…don’t argue, hitch it up.

On a different note…

UK’s basketball program is stuck in reverse. Each year the Mildcats continue to lose more and more games and get fewer and fewer big name recruits. Are the fans actually at the point where they are satisfied with a 7 point win over a terrible Houston team? A Houston team that doesn’t have Clyde Drexler or Hakeem! A win may be a win at Tulsa and Georgia, but here in Lexington you have to blow out the cupcakes. Do you remember what used to happen here when we had a “down” year? We’d get beat by 1 at the buzzer in overtime to one of the best college basktball teams/programs ever. That’s acceptable, losing in the 2nd round, consistently, isn’t. Drain the TUB!!!

* Kentucky opinion authored by co-blogger, Patrick Leveque


5 Responses

  1. great post smitty. I agree with the SEC dominance but i don’t think it will show till next year. this OSU team is pretty stacked and are backed by an outstanding head coach.

    drain the tub!!!!!

  2. i would have to agree as well- hopefully people will see the SEC as “too strong for anyone to make it out undefeated” instead of “too weak cause nobody came out undefeated”

    and… UK is slowly declining- i went to a game at the beginning of the season against Mississippi Valley State (who?) and everyone went crazy when we barely won by less 20points. whats that about?

  3.’s an outside the blogger-sphere comment! Figures, that as soon as we get ready to graduate the SEC gets interesting.

    As for basketball, it’s probably for the best that the Cats stumble a bit. Maybe it will give the school the chance to blink it’s eye’s and realize they need to focus on something other than basketball in order to stay competitive in all areas…including basketball.

    Right now UK is also in a downhill slide in academics as the other SEC colleges have been on the rise….perhaps it’s not just the coach’s players are going towards, but also schools with gains in areas other than a sports.

  4. thanks for the comment, Ricky. See you soon.

  5. Smitty,
    First off I appreciate the nod to Kentucky football. I didn’t expect it of you and it is much appreciated. I look for amother good year from the Cats next season. The schedule is tougher but the offense is clicking and I fully expect the defense to improve next year like our offense did this year.
    In response to Tubbs and UK basketball. Tubby has his shortcomings but he is still one of the premier coaches in the NCAA. He is only 2 years removed from National Coach of the Year, an award he has won 2x. Tubby needs to ditch Hanson and Rigot and find himself an offensive coordinator and a coach who can recruit and the CATs will be set.

    Appearences are decieving with the current cats and they arent as bad as everyone thinks. We are 12-3 with losses to the #1 and #2 teams in the polls and Memphis. Play those games again right now and we would not have 3 losses. We are 7th in the RPI and have the #5 schedule in the nation.
    Also you might have noticed #3 Florida only hung 67 point on GEORGIA a couple of days agoand Bama was beaten by Arkansas. #13 LSU has 3 losses like us to much more inferior teams. Now that conference play has begun we will see who really has the goods.

    Kentucky definitley looks ugly and they arent blowing people out hence the lack of respect in the polls but we really have a stellar group of freshman. If we keep Morris and can manage to land Patterson next year we are serious National Championship contenders. Every program goes through up and down years.
    Billy D has been at Florida for 10 years and it wasn’t until he hired Larry Schyatt who knows a little something about defense that he started to beat UK and won the chip. now evryone talks about what a great coach he is. Without Schyatt Florida does not win the Championship. All this does is reinforce the theory that Tubby needs some better assistants. Get those and UK is back on top.

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