Me, Lee, and the Florida D


It should be noted that Mr. Lee Corso consulted a certain blog that will remain nameless (SmittyCity) that prompted him to put on the Gator head for his pregame prediction of Monday night’s BCS Championship. We tried to tell them, didn’t we, Lee? I’m still not convinced that LSU isn’t the best team in the nation. But, I digress. Christopher Leak deserves every bit of recognition that he has and will receive…but if your looking for the true M.V.P. of the win…look no further than the Gator defense. Those boys embarrassed the best offense in the nation with nasty pressure all night from the front and a secondary that Meyer should bronze and put on his coffee table. Troy Smith and Jimmy Tressel couldn’t stick their finger in their ear straight. Listen to me, when your a blocked punt away from going undefeated in the tenacious SEC, you can play the game. I can’t understand why the predictions were so lopsided. Granted, if you play that game next week, Florida doesn’t win by thirty again. But you must give credit where credit is due, Florida was flawless on both sides of the ball this evening. The offense did as it pleased and the defense exposed Troy Smith’s panties. A pink thong, I believe.
OSU, averaging over 400 total yards per game during the regular season, put up 82 tonight, with 1 third down conversion and 2 turnovers. That showing is as disgraceful as it gets…and no, Teddy Ginn could not have made a significant difference. Should a 52 day layoff be considered? Should not playing anyone after September with a winning record outside of Michigan be considered? Should 6 of the past 9 title games being won by the underdog be considered? You tell me.
41 – 14 … 41 -14 … 41 -14 … 41-14 … 41-14
Can Boise State dispute Florida’s title?
Anyone see what Dallas Baker had written on his shirt during the post-game interview?
Key to the game: The Secondary.
Quote of the night (from Karl Smith as time expired): “Now the Big Ten can shove it up thier Big… Goodnight Solomon!”
Herbstreet is sexy, but I hate his Buckeyes.
Other blog titles that were cut: The Fall of Troy & No Plummer for Florida’s Leak
Will Meyer now get more than Bama promised Saban?

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, that was pretty amazing. It was almost as bad as USC blowing out undeserving Oklahoma a couple years ago.

    I think the key to the game was up front though. Florida’s o-line gave Leak good protection, kept his lanes open.
    Ohio State lost every battle up front. Like that 3rd-and-1 and 4th-and-1 series in the 2nd quarter. Florida was bigger, badder, faster to the ball.

    Florida is pretty stinking awesome.
    I don’t think LSU is better than Florida.
    Auburn beat both LSU and Florida. Any given Saturday you just never know. But, the SEC truly represents domination. 7 SEC schools are in Sagarin’s top 25. Kentucky made the Top 25 in his final BCS rating.

  2. omg- i totally predicted it from the very beginning- SEC just cant be topped.
    apparently, Smith has NEVER encountered the speed of the SEC…
    ps- dad is sooooo funny!

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