The Beast as Saint?

Has anyone else ever encountered accusations such as these?


10 Responses

  1. i have heard of this before…i think it is quite revisionist and suspect. I will say I did do a double take.

  2. i’ve heard this kinda stuff before. it has the potential to be very biased.

  3. Did you notice who hosts the site? White Power!

    While some of these writings are true…

    Could this be a post to stir discussion?

  4. Along with the Soks, I have heard this all before. But, I do wonder why so much of King’s legacy is glossed over in favor of the civil rights portion of his life. God bless him for the wonderful things he did to bring about racial equality (if it can be argued that he had much to do with that). But, to be truthful, if he were alive today and some of his exploits were known, he would be another in the line of those evangelicals who would be scrutinized (and rightfully so) in the media for his hypocrisy in terms of moral failure.

    **Don’t tar and feather me here. Check out this article: You have to read about 3/4 of the way down to get to the portion about MLK.

    If nothing else, this is definitely going to spark discussion.

  5. interesting…

  6. happy birthday mr. president…

  7. I guess the question is not whether MLK lived in this manner, but rather, should we consider him an American hero despite these exploits?

  8. I sent you an e-mail. Check and get back with me when you have a chance.

  9. Smitty,
    Many would argue on the same line of thinking that we will eventually consider – or should consider – Bill Clinton an American hero for the job that he did as President. Granted, he wasn’t a civil rights activist, but he did, in some people’s minds, grow our economy at an extraordinary pace, worked extremely well with the GOP following the 1994 Republcian takeover, etc. Yet, his moral failures continue to place him in a place of infamy among those who seek to maintain a high standard of morals within the office of President. My point is that if we are to give MLK a pass on these moral issues and consider him a “hero” simply b/c he might have accomplished a lot along the lines of civil rights, it opens up a lot that we might not be willing to admit along the lines of those such as Clinton. Just a thought.

  10. a good thought

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