The Greater Mission

This video was created and posted for Ms. Megan Gross of Big Stuf Camps

10 Responses

  1. There are no words…

  2. .

  3. Pure Genius!!!~ A Mastermind!!~

  4. big props for the big stuf video… Kat, I’m pumped for ya girl!

  5. Thanks, buddy!

  6. You should wear that suit to class. Anytime someone makes a ridiculous point in class you can slam your big green fists on the desk and say “Hulk mad! Hulk dance like a freak when angry!”

  7. Are you ready for a bowl of snap, crackle and pop culture?

    I don’t think you are.

  8. Jonathan, take this thing down now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Smitty- I understand that you are a student, father, husband, etc. but I would appreciate a new post. I check this from time to time and its been disappointing I can only watch Katherine so many times hehe

  10. sorry em… I will try a little harder to make time. Love you guys.

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