Shoot the Monkey

An Interview with Beah.
Ishmael Beah’s memoir is the best and worst book I have read in years.
His self-awareness during these experiences is nearly unbelievable.
Read it.

4 Responses

  1. Smitty
    Thanks for bringing attention to this crisis of child soldiers in Africa. Every since watching “Invisible Children”, the world has seemed different. As Christians, we can’t stand by while innocence is being exploited in the most evil kinds of ways.

  2. Solid book – probably watered down (censored) so we could swallow it easier, though.

    The news of Paris in jail or Anna Nicole kicking the bucket is about all we can seem to stomach in America.

  3. I really struggled believing that Beah could recall his experiences so vividly…you?

    You’re exactly right about our republic.

  4. I don’t doubt his recall. Some of my most vivid memories are surrounded by tradgedy or pain.

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