Divine Happenstance, part two

I flew cross country last week to pursue the starring role in a story based on my life (for the record, I didn’t get the part). Before I arrived at the airport that would steal all dignity from my soul a mere 24 hours later, I met a young lady who was suffering. She was descending upon death. For no more than an hour, it was my honor to hold my arm in the sky with finger pointed to the man who has carried the burden for all death and separation. She was unaware of the gentleman I pointed to during our conversation. The man that she had always been pointed to had a tarnished reputation in her eyes. At first I attempted to remove the rust and decay from this gentleman’s face, but soon realized that I didn’t know the man. So, I pointed her to a different man. The man I know – the beneficiary of my Soul Cravings. His face was refreshing to her, for they had never been introduced.

When I got off the plane, I had an eerie feeling that my purpose had been completed. Long before the apex of my journey that all money, time, and emotion had led to, God clearly said, “I’m done.” I quickly realized that I was not there to audition for a starring role, rather, I was there to play a small role in the story of God.

I prefer it that way.

5 Responses

  1. Bravo

  2. well played…

  3. how the heck are you, john?

  4. i am doing really well, thanks for asking. hope you’re doing well man. we need to hang out sometime.

  5. so is LA off the table.
    what about next year?
    steve told me you were a shoe in for next year.

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